ناقوس جدایی
دوشنبه 11 تیر‌ماه سال 1386

In a violent place we can call our country
There's a mixed up man
And I guess thats me
The sun's in the sky
But the storm never seems to end

It's a place of sorrow but we call it a home
And the darkest thoughts
Yeah, I guess they're my own
There's wealth in the bank
But there's nothing to show inside

It's cloudy now
It's getting cloudy now

In a special place
That I call my life
The father was cruel and he lost his wife
But I don't see either
'Cause I live across the street

It's a beautiful thing
When it starts to rain
And a man who drinks just to drown the pain
And I can't stop from dreaming
There's something else

It's cloudy now
It's getting cloudy now

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